Set and Forget

Increase your reward this Ramadan by donating everyday. Use Al Barakah Centre’s set and forget donation opportunity to maximise your rewards in this blessed month.

Make daily giving in the blessed month easy and impactful!

Follow the below steps to set daily donation

Step 1: Ramadan Start Date
Step 2: Choose Your Donation type
Step 2: Choose Your Package
Frist 10 days ( 10 days left )
Per Day
Middle 10 days ( 10 days left )
Per Day
Last 10 days ( 10 days left )
Per Day

Donation Summary

Day 1-10 AU$0
Day 11-20 AU$0
Day 21-30 AU$0
30-Day Total


  • First deduction will be on the date you select above, or the date you commence your subscription, and the final deduction will be on 10th April 2024.
  • Deduction takes place at 10pm Sydney time. Minimum daily amount is AU$3.5.
  • For sign ups made after 10pm Sydney time, the first deduction will be done the following day.
Step 3: Billing Details
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